Quick Level Test

Онлайн тест для определения уровня английского языка

Выберите лучший вариант (a, b, c или d), чтобы заполнить пробелы.

1.Roberta _____ from The United States.
2.What’s _____ name?
3.My friend _____ in London
4.Where _____?
5.I _____ coffee.
6.‘_____ to Australia, Ginny?’ ‘Yes, two years ago.”
7.Tokyo is _____ city I’ve ever lived in.
8.A vegetarian is someone _____ doesn’t eat meat.
9._____ these days
10.I _____ watch TV tonight.
11.I wish I _____ more money!
12._____ be famous one day?
13.It’s my birthday _____ Friday.
14.I _____ eighteen years old.
15.I _____ a headache.
16.Do you _____ a uniform at your school?
17.‘What time is it?’ ‘I have no _____.’
18.The meal was very expensive. Look at the _____!
19.How many _____ of trousers have you got?
20.Joel came back from his holiday in Brazil looking really _____.
21.Harry can _____ English.
22.I’m not interested _____ sports.
23.She likes _____ expensive clothes.
24.Harry _____ his father’s car when the accident happened.
25.I was wondering _____ tell me when the next plane from Chicago arrives?
26.If I _____ him, I would have spoken to him, wouldn’t I?
27.I like your hair. Where _____?
28.I think Joey must _____ late tonight. His office light is still on.
29.John tells me Jack’s going out with Helen, _____ I find hard to believe.
30.What _____ this weekend, Lance?
31.The weather has been awful. We’ve had very _____ sunshine this summer.
32.Did you hear what happened to Kate? She _____.